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I Want My Own Bedroom

A few weeks ago, Sunshine surprised me by asking for her own room. I clarified that she meant her own room to share with her sister (because that is non-negotiable at this point), and she happily conceded that Sweetheart could sleep there as well. I then asked her what she meant when she said she wanted her own room, and it quickly became clear that what she really wants is a place to play that is all hers (and her sister's).

Right now our little bedroom is pretty much all bed with a walkway to access the closet. Save for a few stuffed animals, we don't keep any toys in there. All of the toys are kept in the living room and in Sunshine's special cupboard in the kitchen.

My long-term plan for a while has been to turn the loft into a bedroom/playroom for our kids, but that transition is still a ways off, primarily because we're still in the middle of building a detached game room next to our little house to hold Chris's collection of video games, but also because Sw…
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Tiny House KonMari: Books

When it came time to tackle our books, I definitely had some mixed emotions. Getting rid of books seems so wasteful to me, and I felt a lot of guilt because many of the books no one loved enough to keep were ones that had been given to us. My mom works for a child care center attached to a private elementary school, and she gets those book catalogs to order from all the time. And she orders from them all the time, but her standards for children's books are much different from mine. One of my college minors was English, and I worked for the head of the English department during my university years, so I spent a great deal of time being exposed to quality literature. I try not to be a book snob, but I do prefer that the books we own to be of a high caliber. I have no problem with reading (and letting my kids read) wholesome "fluff," but when it comes to making room for books in this little house, I do have higher standards. The library can store the "fluff" book…

Tiny House KonMari: His Clothes

I have discovered something unexpected since beginning this KonMari journey: it's a lot easier to put away laundry now that my drawers aren't overfull anymore. This really hit home the other day when I was trying to stuff a seventeenth t-shirt of Chris's into a bin that only happily holds sixteen rolled up t-shirts and no more.

In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo makes it clear that you only declutter that which belongs to you. Many times, though, as other housemates observe the process, they climb on board themselves. At least, that's what Ms. Kondo says.

Well, on that day when the shirt just would not fit in the bin, I yelled across the house to Chris that he owned too many shirts, and the next thing I knew, he was in the bedroom with me deciding which clothes of his spark joy and which ones don't.

All told, he discarded a small pile and donated a large trash bag full of stuff to Goodwill, and I gained another drawer in the closet to fill with ot…

Staying Busy

It was quiet here at the Small Home Family blog last week as we were out and about doing life together. Between Easter and spring break and ophthalmologist appointments and date days, we kept ourselves pretty busy.

At two and four, my girls are still too young to be officially in school, but their cousins were on spring break this week, and we took the opportunity to make use of our zoo membership. My cousin and I plus five girls between the ages of two and nine piled into their Suburban for the hour drive to our local zoo.

Can I just say that one of my favorite gifts is the zoo membership that my in laws give us for Christmas each year? So many other gifts are played with and quickly forgotten, but this type of gift lasts for the whole year and takes up no space in our house. We were able to bless my cousin and her kids with it, too, since it got us all in for free, and our kids had a blast together. Sweetheart especially is at an age where everything is so new and exciting, and watch…

Wow, Water Wow!

My cousin gave Sweetheart a Melissa and Doug Water Wow! pad for her birthday, and I'll admit that when I first looked at it, it seemed kind of far-fetched and too good to be true. A cardboard pad that you can paint with water over and over again? Uh huh.

Well, after much begging and pleading from my four-year-old, I finally opened it up and we tested it out.

Oh my goodness, people! This thing is awesome!

The way it works is that you fill the blue tube with water and screw it into the brush part. This causes the brush to always remain wet so you don't need to keep a cup of water out to re-wet the brush. Then you simply "paint" water onto the specially designed pages, and a colorful image will appear. Once you're done, you let the page dry, and it's ready to use again next time.

It really does work!

The Water Wow is recommended for ages three and up, but my two-year-old loves this thing. She happily "paints" each page, and cries when it's all done…