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Working on the Loft Again

Back in August, I shared that we spent the summer giving our loft a makeover. We're still finishing up the space a little bit at a time as funds and time allow. Within the last week, we moved another storage unit up into the corner to hold a bunch of Chris's smaller gaming items along with his collection of joysticks and steering wheels. Today, I was able to finish painting the corner above the living room that we hope to turn into a special space for Sunshine (age 4) in time for Christmas.

Here's what that wall looked like before I started. As you can see, we weren't able to finish the part around the railing last time we painted, so it needed some attention badly.

Please excuse the clutter and the mess in these photos. Everything is still a work in progress.

Painting in a tiny area requires a fair bit of planning to make sure you have everything you need before you box yourself in with paint supplies. If I could go back and spend the $500, I would pay the upgrade fee to have Fleetwood paint the walls in a higher quality paint that wasn't white. At the time, it seemed like a waste of money since we could easily paint it ourselves. Here we are, nearly nine years later, and we're finally getting around to it.

This was literally the entire space I had to set all of the things I needed to get the job done. It's just one more of the weird scenarios you don't really think about when it comes to living small.

Here is the wall after I was finished. Quite the improvement! My plan is to put a bookcase of some sort up there along with a small dollhouse so Sunshine will have her own little place to play where I can still see her from below.

This is what that corner looks like from our living room. It should be a perfect little set up, and I'm excited to finish it and surprise her for Christmas.

And just for fun, here's a peak at Chris's gaming station. We are planning to move the couch farther away from the monitors and TV stand as soon as we figure out what kind of desk would be best for him to put his mouse and keyboard on for gaming. We also want to replace one of the monitors with a bigger TV so he will be able to see from farther away and so we can actually go up there to watch a movie if we want. That should open up the space a lot. For the time being, though, he keeps the sofa near the electronic equipment so he can see and reach everything.

The couch we bought for the loft is an IKEA model (of course) called the SODERHAMN, which is designed to be modular. This enabled us to choose the right pieces for our unique space. We went with two corner sections linked together, and we left the armrest off the side closest to the stairs in order to make it easier for us to crawl on and off the couch. The SODERHAMN is a low profile sofa system, which is perfect for when your room is only four feet tall. I am easily able to sit on the couch with no head bumping, but Chris is well past six feet and has to be a little more careful.

I will be sure to post photos of Sunshine's corner once we finally finish getting it all set up for her.


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