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Post-Christmas Slump

Our house is a disaster zone at the moment. We're still working on finding homes for all of the gifts we received for Christmas. I think a serious purge is coming, but Sweetheart hasn't been sleeping well ever since she was so sick a few weeks ago, and finding the energy to sort through everything has been impossible lately.
I look forward to the day when our “game room” addition is completed and we can turn the loft into a playroom for our kids. Their play space is so limited right now, and the cold weather has kept us all inside a lot lately.
This is the time of the year when I feel the walls of our tiny house closing in on us the most, when we're overrun with new toys and other gifts, but getting outside is hard. Add in a sick child here and there, and the cabin fever really starts to set in some days.
We are happily committed to this lifestyle for the foreseeable future, although we are in the process of expanding our living space a tiny bit with our addition, but I wou…

Merry Christmas!

For the second time in my life, it looks like we're going to have a white Christmas. Our kids are snug in their beds, waiting for Santa to come fill their stockings, which hang expectantly from the loft railing.
Outside our tiny house, a Christmas tree lights up the otherwise still and silent night. Snow now covers the ground, glistening in the glow from the Christmas lights above.

We wish you all the brightest of holidays and the warmth of home and the love of friends and family. Merry Christmas!

Tiny House, Tiny Trees

Finding room in a small or tiny house for a Christmas tree is not always easy. We accepted the fact early on that a half-height tree fits in our small space the best. Due to a number of reasons, we prefer to erect an artificial tree inside, and we often don't even put ornaments on it with cats and young kids to worry about.

Over the years since we bought our park model, we have tried putting our tree just about everywhere from on top of end tables and filing cabinets in the living room to on the dining table and even up in the loft this year.

We don't live in a Pinterest-worthy home, and our photos are just family snapshots taken for our own use over the years, but I thought it might be fun to share some pics of Christmas trees past and present in our tiny house.

While our first Christmas with our small home was actually in 2008, we didn't move in until 2009. Here you can see our tiny house all dressed up for Christmas that year.

In 2011, we put our tree in the dining roo…

Tiny House, Sick Kids

I feel like we've been pretty lucky so far when it comes to kids' illnesses. We've definitely dealt with our fair share of colds, especially since Sweetheart was born. (There's something about having multiple kids that exponentially multiplies the germs entering the home!) But we've more or less escaped the icky stomach viruses that I've heard described in gory detail by other parents.

Until now, that is.

It all started about a week ago. An hour after I put Sweetheart to bed, I heard her crying over the monitor. I waited a couple of minutes to see if she'd put herself back to sleep, and when she didn't, I went in to check on her. She had vomited all over herself and her bed, and the relaxing evening I had been anticipating evaporated before my eyes.

I brought Sweetheart out to the living room and we dozed out there together as she vomited off and on all night long. She could keep nothing down, and my primary task for the next few days was simply to keep …

Traditions That Mean Something

The Christmas season starts early at our house. We've been listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies for a month now. It's one of our most special holiday traditions of the year, and it all started six years ago during a very dark time in our lives.

2011 was a bittersweet year for us. After years of infertility, we were finally expecting twins due in November. It all ended suddenly in May. We miscarried a second time in mid-October.

As October drew to a close, we were freshly grieving our losses, and we needed something to get us past Halloween, a night that is so fun and yet so excruciating when you want children but don't have them.

That year, we decided that we really needed Christmas to come early. So on October 31st, we chose to stay home and kick off the Christmas season by watching one of our favorite renditions of Charles Dickens's classic A Christmas Carol. It seemed like a perfect ghostly tale for such a night.

We had no idea at the time that …