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Painting the Bedroom

The longer we live in a very small house, the more I realize that some things are just harder to do in such a tiny space.

Painting is definitely one of them.

I finally managed to tackle painting the bedroom a couple weekends ago, and it was a complicated process that began with us disassembling the beds and sleeping on mattresses on the floor for a few nights. Every morning I would stack the mattresses against the wall, Chris would play tetris trying to get the ladder into the bedroom, and I would work on filling nail holes and taping and, eventually, painting. The ladder itself had to be angled practically into the shower in order to fit it past the front door and then back into the bedroom. If it was only a few inches longer, it wouldn't have fit at all. Just moving everything out of the way and then back again at night was quite the ordeal!

I had been hoping to paint the whole room in one go, but I just couldn't figure out a way to get it done all at once. The room is too t…


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day means a lot to us as a family on a personal level, not because we have had to make the ultimate sacrifice of life ourselves (we haven't, and we have nothing but respect for those who have), but because we use this weekend of memorializing to remember the people that we have loved and lost and to give our girls a glimpse into their own roots.

Every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, we pack up a picnic lunch and take our children to the cemetery. I remember the first year we brought food with us, and we really debated whether this was a reverent enough activity for a cemetery. Then I thought of my grandmother whose grave we visit every year, and I can just imagine how absolutely tickled she would be at the idea of her great-granddaughters running around and bringing life to her final resting place.

We love to do this on this weekend in particular because the cemeteries are all in beautiful shape with flowers and flags, and it's such…

Small Home Gaming: Console Conundrum

Hi all. It’s Chris again with another dose of Small Home Gaming.

As a gamer living in a small home, there’s one thing that’s plagued me for quite a while now: game consoles. Consoles are great, but their sheer size and ability to monopolize a media station can make them formidable enemies of the small home ideology. Over the years I’ve had everything from a GameCube to a Nintendo Switch as part of our media setup. All of these consoles have served their purpose, some better than others. A couple, like my original “fat” PS3, tested the limits of our small space. It’s quite large and took up far more room than I was hoping. The Wii U, on the other hand, tested our setup in a different way. It’s much smaller and fit in our entertainment area much better, but the “tablet” style controller is not small and has its own separate docking station. This effectively means that you need to find space for two consoles instead of one.

Then, last year, Nintendo came out with the Switch.

Like many I lin…

Tiny House Sleeping Arrangements: Making Room for Everyone

There's a question I've never answered here at the Small Home Family blog, but I'm sure many people have wondered...

Where do we all sleep?

When Chris and I first moved into our home, everything was pretty simple and straightforward: we slept in the bedroom on a queen-size bed. The bed barely fit in the room with just enough space to walk around, and we kept it that way for several years. (Most of the photos I can find of our bedroom set up from years past have cats in them. We had three cats once upon a time. The photo on the left shows our bed in the bedroom.)

Here is another pic of our bedroom with a queen-sized bed in it once upon a time.
A few months before Sunshine was born, I was finding it very hard to share that queen bed and get any kind of quality sleep myself, so we decided that it was time to make some changes. We got rid of our queen bed and moved the mattress upstairs to the loft where Chris slept on it. As you can see from the photos, the cats liked to sle…


I'm sure that living through any kind of home improvement project is difficult regardless of your house size, but going through it in a small house is a different kind of chaos, especially when you have little kids.

Sunshine and I went over to my grandpa's house to disassemble Sunshine's "new" bed on Monday. She helped me take off all the slats and keep track of the screws and bolts, and she even brought her own Allen wrench. A girl after my own heart.

We're currently storing the bed next door while we finish everything else up in preparation. I need to buy wood to lift the bed for the trundle we're adding as well as try to match the paint. Then I need to actually paint and build everything.

We are right in the middle of this bedroom overhaul, and the chaos is all-encompassing most days. I'm buying new bedding (because Sunshine is upgrading from a small bed to a twin) and paint and trying to figure out where to store everything during the transition. I…

The Burden of Belongings: Leaving a Different Kind of Legacy

We had a really busy weekend here. It's go-time for my grandpa and cousin's move, and we've been loading up box after box after box of belongings to transport ten minutes to the new house. Load after load after load. We've come across all sorts of interesting items from my dad's old high chair to custom paintings to toys my dad and his brother made as children. There are old coats and TVs and fold-up beds, dolly buggies and old leather chaps and water skis, baby clothes and eight-track tapes and birthday party invitations, suitcases and silverware and punch bowls: the belongings gathered during the lifetimes of five generations.

It's like walking through a museum sometimes. There are so many things belonging to people I never met, some of whom passed away when I was a child or before I was even born. And all their stuff just got put in the attic or in a drawer or a cupboard somewhere.

I can only imagine what the neighbors must think as we drive away with one mo…

Small Home Gaming

Hi! I'm Chris, Small Home husband, father, and resident gamer. Gaming has played a huge part in my life for nearly 30 years, and I've been blessed with a spouse that not only games with me from time to time, but offers ideas and suggestions on how to make room for my habit in our small home.

I started playing games when I was 4 years old. Over the last 29 years I have amassed a not-so-tiny collection comprised of hundreds of games (both virtual and tabletop) and some 20 game consoles (not including mobile devices). Finding space for such a collection in our home was something of a challenge to say the least.

As Diane has mentioned beforewe’ve designated the bulk of the upstairs loft as my “man cave”. While I’m extremely grateful to have such a large percentage of our house as “my” space, it still means that I have to keep the vast majority of my game collection, as well as room to enjoy it, inside of around 100 sq. ft. (at half height no less).

To that end I’ve employed a couple …