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Children's Wall Decor (or An Ode to IKEA)

I just wanted to share today what kind of things a family living in a small home might choose to hang about their children's beds because I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.

The other day I wrote about the IKEA KROKIG shelves that I spray painted pink. Each girl has one hanging in her space.

They also each have an IKEA BEKVAM spice rack, which makes a sweet little bookshelf when it's not busy holding spices. (Does anyone actually use this for spices? I only ever see it holding books!)

For night lights, we gave each girl an IKEA SMILA wall lamp. Sunshine already had a heart one, but she decided she wanted one of her cousins' hand-me-down flower lights instead. Sweetheart chose the heart for herself. Unfortunately, IKEA has recently switched up their children's lighting selection, and neither lamp is available for sale there anymore. They sell star and balloon and house and cloud wall lamps these days.

Sunshine also has a locking mirror cabinet (the IKEA GUN…

Painting the IKEA KROKIG Shelf, Part 2

I said I would come back and share an update about the IKEA KROKIG shelves I painted, so here I am.

You can kind of see them in the photos I shared of the bed the other day, but here is a better closeup. I think they look pretty good, and the process was very easy. Not bad for a $5 shelf and a $4 can of paint.

I will say this, though: the paint scratches fairly easily, as in don't let that screwdriver slip! Oops.

Sunshine loves her pink shelf, and that's what really matters to me, so overall I consider it a success!

IKEA KURA Trundle Upgrade Reveal!

How do you fit three twin beds into one <70 square foot bedroom? This is how...

After hours of planning and shopping and measuring and cutting and sanding and painting and drilling and building and painting some more, the IKEA KURA loft-bed to bunk-bed-over-trundle upgrade is finally finished, and I absolutely love how it turned out!

Here's another view looking in the mirror on the closet:

And here's what it looks like with the trundle pulled out:

I'm quite pleased with the entire structure. Lifting the bed seems to have actually made the KURA itself more solid as it wobbles and creaks much less now than it did before. The trundle is surprisingly comfortable, and I am eager to show you the simple hack we used to create a sliding trundle that an adult might actually be happy to sleep on regularly. (Hint: We built it around an IKEA LONSET slatted bed base.)

I took many photos of the entire process, so stay tuned for the free tutorial to see exactly how we added a trundle …

The Stories That Bring Us Together

No matter how thankful I am for our little home, sometimes I do feel that green-eyed monster creeping up on me. The other day was one such occasion. I had the opportunity to check out my cousins' new apartment for the first time. I have many cousins on my mom's side of the family, and two of them, who are sisters, rent this townhouse together. The younger one is married with a baby and the older one is single. The family of three lives in the two upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, and the other sister has the downstairs bedroom and bathroom to herself. They share the living room and kitchen. It's actually one more amazing example of extended families living together to provide community and shared resources. I love it!

This townhouse, though, is amazing. It's in a brand new development on the outskirts of town. It's comfortably right-sized and full of beautiful design elements, like granite countertops and vaulted ceilings and industrial styling throughout. They even…

Bedroom Upgrade Home Stretch

I feel like we've been working on this bedroom project FOREVER. Those of you who build your own tiny houses from the floor up have my undying respect. I can only imagine the man hours you must put in from start to finish!

I did some final touch-up painting on the bed base today, so we'll be able to attach it to the KURA bed soon. I still need to assemble the trundle bed and the toy storage unit I'm building as well as paint more of the bedroom itself.

In the meantime, here's a preview pic of the bed base. I'm eager to get it all set up!