Our home is not what I would call "tiny" like so many of the tiny houses you see today. It is on wheels, but we would need a permit to take it on the road. That said, it is definitely smaller than the average family home in the United States.

We do life together as a family of four (plus the cat) in just under 400 square feet of living space. The half-height loft adds about 150 square feet. It's tight, but we make it work.

Some people who embark on a tiny or small house lifestyle do so purposefully. Some kind of fall into it by happenstance. We are somewhere in between. I'm not sure that we ever pictured ourselves raising a family in such a small space, yet here we are.

It's been nearly nine years since we bought our house, and our family has grown a bit since then, but we have found that living simply in our little home suits us.

Welcome to our world. We are the Small House Family.