2 Kids+No Bathtub=A Tiny House Dilemma

Bath time has always been a challenge in our home. As you can see from the video I posted the other day, we only have a shower and no tub. This was something that I was a little nervous about when we chose our house because even though we didn't have any kids at the time, we definitely hoped to become parents eventually. Bathing children without a bathtub sounded complicated, but I was loathe to give up some pantry cupboards to make room for a full tub, so we just let it go and decided to figure it out later.

Later eventually came.

I have photos of both of our girls bathing in large mixing bowls as newborns. We also taught them to shower at young ages. Most baths take place next door at Grandma and Grandpa's house, though.

We've made it work, but it's always been a bit of a pain.

Recently a friend of mine mentioned bathing her son in a large plastic bin. This was something that I had often considered but never tried because I was never sure what to do with the tub once bath time was over. She just has a hook in the shower to hang it from when the shower isn't being used.

This seemed reasonable to me, so today I pulled out a big bin my aunt recently gave us and put it in the shower. Sunshine happily played away. She was thrilled to be able to take a "bath" at home. When she was done, Sweetheart excitedly climbed in for her turn.

The bin ended up being the perfect size for both our shower and our girls. I love that the shower door kept the water where it belonged since my kids seem to think they are whales at times. I was nervous about running out of hot water since we only have a 20 gallon water heater, but it was perfectly warm for both girls.

Chris did end up emptying the water out for me once bath time was over as the full tub was quite heavy, but he was happy to do so.

We'll have to see how storing the tub in the shower works out and decide if it's worth doing regularly. Sunshine told me that she "likes taking baths here," so it seems like a win so far.