Digging out the Dining Room

We have a dining table again!

Two years ago, when I was nesting during my pregnancy with Sweetheart, I insisted that we needed to do a major overhaul of our dining room. The shared wall between the bathroom and the dining space is one of the only truly blank walls in our house. Everything else is doors and windows and cabinets. But this wall has always been like a blank canvas just waiting to be assigned a function in our tiny space.

The Glorious (Formerly) Blank Wall c. 2015

When we first moved in, we tried a few different furniture arrangements there. At one point or another, we have had various hand-me-downs butted up against that wall. There was a dresser holding spatulas and silverware. There was a filing cabinet. There was even an armoire. None of it matched, but our style has historically had an eclectic, beggars-can't-be-choosers vibe to it.

With baby #2 on the way, though, those hormones coursing through my veins gave me an overwhelming drive to replace it all with something that matched. Obviously this was necessary for the baby. Chris was skeptical, but he was also no fool and knew it was wisest to acquiesce to his pregnant wife's whims. He's a good man.

As per our usual plan of attack, we took ourselves off to IKEA to bring our vision to life and squeeze a little more storage room out of our tiny home.

We bought a bunch of Kallax units to fill in that precious wall space and store everything from cereal to flatware to diapers. We moved the dresser into the bedroom, which I believe is where most people keep such things anyway, and moved the armoire in front of the table temporarily. Our plan was to fill it with all of the board games that no longer had a home due to Sunshine's growing collection of toys. Then we were going to move it out to the hoped-for detached storage/media/family room addition that never quite got finished. (That's a story for another day.)

For two years--TWO YEARS--that armoire sat in the middle of our dining room holding our myriad table top games and blocking our beloved dining table, also from IKEA. (Let's face it, almost everything in our home is from IKEA.)

Since we have been fixing up the loft, though, we suddenly had a place to store the board games. Yesterday Chris, bless his heart, stopped at IKEA and picked up some fantastic storage bags. They are not much to look at, but they are perfect for board games and perfectly took care of our game storage problem.

Today, that armoire left our home on it's way to a new life on a trash heap. The veneered particle board unit had a long and happy life with multiple owners and much doctoring before it's drawers finally fell through for the last time and were beyond repair. It served us well for many years.

Nevertheless, trust me when I say that I am thrilled that it is finally gone and we can get to our amazing little drop leaf table again. We may only have one chair at the moment, but we'll figure that part out another day.