Back in the Cloth Habit

It's been two weeks since we pulled out the cloth diapers again, and it's going remarkably well. I have had no trouble keeping up with the laundry, and Sweetheart seems to have adjusted to the change just fine. It feels kind of like I've said hello to an old friend again, which is a strange way to talk about diapers, I will admit.

One thing that has really surprised me is how the need to wash diapers has helped me stay on top of regular laundry as well. Since I'm running next door to check the diaper laundry already, it's really not a big deal to throw in a load of regular clothes once I'm done washing diapers. Smaller, more frequent loads are easier to fold and put away, too. I am finding that we don't need as many clothes when I wash them sooner. My drawers are getting kind of full since there aren't a bunch of clothes in various laundry piles all the time. I really never thought that adding additional laundry to my routine would make my home run more smoothly, but I guess it's true.

Now I just have to resist the urge to buy all of the diapers. Some of them are awfully cute. I did take my girls to the craft store yesterday (during Chris's down time) to buy some microfleece so I can sew some overnight pull up fitted diapers for Sunshine. She's not dry at night yet, and it seems logical to me to figure out a cloth option for her since I will be washing diapers anyway for Sweetheart. (I sewed most of Sunshine's newborn stash while I was pregnant with her more than four years ago.) I have a stack of t-shirts from my last clothing purge ready to be upcycled into diapers. My sewing machine is one of my personal luxury items that we make room for in our small house, and it will be nice to have a reason to pull it out again.