Tiny House, Tiny Trees

Finding room in a small or tiny house for a Christmas tree is not always easy. We accepted the fact early on that a half-height tree fits in our small space the best. Due to a number of reasons, we prefer to erect an artificial tree inside, and we often don't even put ornaments on it with cats and young kids to worry about.

Over the years since we bought our park model, we have tried putting our tree just about everywhere from on top of end tables and filing cabinets in the living room to on the dining table and even up in the loft this year.

We don't live in a Pinterest-worthy home, and our photos are just family snapshots taken for our own use over the years, but I thought it might be fun to share some pics of Christmas trees past and present in our tiny house.

While our first Christmas with our small home was actually in 2008, we didn't move in until 2009. Here you can see our tiny house all dressed up for Christmas that year.

In 2011, we put our tree in the dining room for the first time, and our newest little furbaby promptly made himself at home underneath it. (Sadly, Finnegan passed away in 2016.)

We liked having the tree in the dining room so much in 2011 that we put it there again the next year.

I have no photos of Christmas trees from 2013, and I can't even remember if we put a tree up that year. Christmas with a newborn was a bit of a blur.

In 2015, we put the tree back in the living room because our dining area had been turned into what was supposed to be temporary storage after all of the rearranging in preparation for welcoming Sweetheart into our family in the new year.

As you can see from our photo the following year, the "temporary" storage lasted a little longer than planned, and we decided to just put the Christmas tree on top of the armoire that we were using to store our board games.

This year, we decided to try something new and put the tree on the ledge in the loft above our television. In the past, we always worried that a cat would knock it down, but our lone surviving feline is now nearly twelve years old, and she is not as active as she used to be. So far she's mostly left it alone.

We love the soft glow of the Christmas lights in our tiny house, so to us, making room for a tree is worth the sacrifice of space for a few weeks every year.