Quickly Cleaned, Quickly Cluttered

My four-year-old loves to watch a handful of YouTube channels, and the other day I put one family's popular vlog on the TV for her. As we were watching, I couldn't help but think about their house, and I don't mean the size of it. (It seems like a pretty average American-sized home.) I was struck by how tidy and clean it was. Now I'm sure that when you post videos of events happening in your home on a daily basis for millions of people to see, you probably do your best to keep your surroundings as neat and tidy as possible (and perhaps hire a cleaning service). At the same time, though, I feel like in order to keep our home looking that nice, I would need to find a lot more time to clean than I currently seem to muster up with little kids underfoot.

"How do you think they keep their house looking so clean?" I asked Chris.

His answer was thought provoking.

"It's probably because it's so big."


That answer surprised me at first. Then I realized that it made a lot of sense.

Generally speaking, small homes clean up a lot faster than big homes do. There is just less square footage to clean and less room for belongings so fewer belongings to put away. Overall, cleaning a small space is a pretty small job.

Conversely, though, tiny houses start to feel messy much more quickly than larger homes do.

Five stuffed animals strewn across a big open room seems hardly noticeable, but those same five stuffed animals on our living room floor leaves me feeling a little panicky inside because the room starts to feel cluttered and closed in very quickly.

The more people you have living in a tiny space, the more quickly is will seem messy, too.

It can be frustrating to me at times how quickly our house gets cluttered and noticeably dirty; I spend quite a bit of time picking up the same small messes over and over throughout the day. I am glad that we can go from disaster to presentable fairly quickly, but like most things in life, there are benefits and negatives to living in a small home just as there are to living in a large one. The rate at which our house gets cluttered is definitely one of the downsides to tiny house living.