Despite experiencing some beautiful weather last week, we woke up this morning to snow. This is our second snowstorm of the winter (following our beautiful white Christmas), and I was eager to get Sunshine and Sweetheart outside to enjoy the fun since they weren't able to play in it last time.

In a typical winter, we only get a couple of real snow events, but the kids love it so much that we try to keep appropriate cold weather gear on hand for when the time comes. I remember wearing snowsuits myself growing up, and while they definitely got the job done, they are also big and bulky and hard to store in a house as small as ours. Since we bought our girls rain suits in the fall, I thought we should try them out as snow suits this year, too. 

It took me a little bit of creative thinking to find enough under layers in the girls' closet to keep them warm since the Oakiwear rain suits are comprised of a simple, thin, waterproof layer and no insulation for warmth. Between fleece pants and jackets and pajamas and Sunshine's 32 Degrees Heat thermal underclothes, they managed to stay nice and warm. The best part, I think, was that they were better able to maneuver without the bulky snowsuits. I don't have to store the fluffy items, and they don't have to wear them like overdressed yetis. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

The girls had so much fun, too! This was Sweethearts first real experience with snow since at two she's finally old enough to enjoy playing in it, and this little miss certainly has her grandpa wrapped around her sweet little finger. My dad was happily huffing and puffing carrying the sled (with her on top of it) over and over up the little sled run he made her as she smiled in delight. I love sharing these moments with family right next door.

After I took rosy-cheeked Sweetheart inside and handed her off to Chris (who wasn't feeling well and stayed indoors), Sunshine and I made a snowman with a little help from my brother. When we were all done and Sunshine took a few more runs on the sled, Grandma welcomed her inside to warm her up and entertain her for the afternoon.

I'm definitely ready to see some sunshine for a change, but I can't help but smile on cozy days like today, where I can sit in front of my little heater in my tiny house typing away on my laptop while I watch the snow falling into a winter wonderland all around me.