Tiny House KonMari: Kids' Clothes

After I tackled my clothes, I decided to go ahead and take care of my kids' clothes, too. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo recommends tidying only your own belongings, and she isn't really clear on how that applies to children's items. She talks a little more about kids in Spark Joy, but the impression that I get is that she recommends letting children help tidy their own stuff.

Okay then.

(Her kids must be a lot more helpful than my kids are. I think mine are mini-hoarders.)

Sunshine actually doesn't have that many clothes. (I wised up about the number of clothing purchases I made when Sunshine was younger and cut WAY, WAY back as she grew.) I more or less left her clothes they way they were so she wouldn't be running around naked. (Because that never happens around here.)

Sweetheart, on the other hand, had too many clothes, even after a big purge I did a few months ago, but she is just too young to have any concept of what we're doing. When I pulled out her socks to KonMari, she was so excited that she ran off with a number of them and ended up wearing two pairs over her footed pajamas. She loves all the socks! I tried to tackle the rest of her clothes without her help, and the process went much more smoothly.

Here's the thing, though: I love most of Sweetheart's clothes. They make me happy. And as I was taking them out and sorting through them, I realized that I am okay with her having so many clothes as long as she and I love them all.

I did end up with a few small bags to give to friends and family for their babies. I tossed a few stained items as well. The snowsuit is gone because, hey, it snowed, and I still didn't pull it out this year. My friend is thrilled to take it off my hands.

But overall, I kept most of it.

I did cut back on their shoes a little bit. My parents gave me a new bookcase for Christmas that I had been planning to use for shoes. I finally got around to setting it up, and their little shoe storage station makes me so happy now. I'm hoping to paint the wall behind it and put up a trellis that my brother-in-law made me a year ago so I can hang hats and accessories, but I need to get more decluttering done first.

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