Tiny House KonMari: My Shoes

I finally managed to get to my shoes. Sunshine "helped" me sort through them. There was one pair of flip flops that I couldn't find, but I think they must be in the car. Since our car is at the shop today, I will have to look for them later.

Including the flip flops, I started with twelve pairs of shoes. I made two piles as I went through them all, but when I went to grab a bag, Sunshine rearranged them for me, so I had to sort through them again. She wanted to try them all on, too. Ha!

I ended up setting aside four pairs to donate, including two pairs that never quite fit right and two pairs that I outgrew when my feet expanded a bit during pregnancy. I also tossed a pair that I have loved since high school. (I'm 32 now.) They were starting to crack and looked worn, and even though they once brought me quite a bit of joy, I feel good about letting them go now.

 That leaves me two casual pairs, one dress pair, my flip flops, and three pairs of boots. (I love my boots!)

Aside from the dirty old bookcase they sit on, I can't help but smile when I look at my shoe collection now. One thing at a time, right?

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