Wow, Water Wow!

My cousin gave Sweetheart a Melissa and Doug Water Wow! pad for her birthday, and I'll admit that when I first looked at it, it seemed kind of far-fetched and too good to be true. A cardboard pad that you can paint with water over and over again? Uh huh.

Well, after much begging and pleading from my four-year-old, I finally opened it up and we tested it out.

Oh my goodness, people! This thing is awesome!

The way it works is that you fill the blue tube with water and screw it into the brush part. This causes the brush to always remain wet so you don't need to keep a cup of water out to re-wet the brush. Then you simply "paint" water onto the specially designed pages, and a colorful image will appear. Once you're done, you let the page dry, and it's ready to use again next time.

It really does work!

The Water Wow is recommended for ages three and up, but my two-year-old loves this thing. She happily "paints" each page, and cries when it's all done and I take it away to dry.

Sunshine loves it, too. It only comes with one brush, so initially I pulled the paintbrush out of our water color set and let Sunshine paint using that and a little cup of water, but it wasn't long before she was asking for a Water Wow pad of her own. Since they're only about $5 (depending on which one you get), and they take up almost no space at all, I figured it was a worthwhile purchase. We now own the fairy tales one and the vehicles one.

The one caveat I will add is that I have noticed that if you are rough with the page while it is waterlogged, you can scratch the top layer a bit, but it still works fine, and I've just reminded my girls to be gentle. For $5, though, I don't expect it to last forever, and I'm pleased with it's re-usability so far.

I'm not really a "messy" mom. You probably won't see me on Pinterest sharing the next big preschool craft project. (Where do other moms put all these finished projects, anyway? Their houses must be bigger than mine.) I paint with my preschooler under very controlled circumstances, but I have to pray down my anxiety about the mess beforehand!

This toy, though, this toy works for me as a non-messy mom. And my kids love it. And it's cheap. And it fits in my house. That's a win in my book.