I Want My Own Bedroom

A few weeks ago, Sunshine surprised me by asking for her own room. I clarified that she meant her own room to share with her sister (because that is non-negotiable at this point), and she happily conceded that Sweetheart could sleep there as well. I then asked her what she meant when she said she wanted her own room, and it quickly became clear that what she really wants is a place to play that is all hers (and her sister's).

Right now our little bedroom is pretty much all bed with a walkway to access the closet. Save for a few stuffed animals, we don't keep any toys in there. All of the toys are kept in the living room and in Sunshine's special cupboard in the kitchen.

My long-term plan for a while has been to turn the loft into a bedroom/playroom for our kids, but that transition is still a ways off, primarily because we're still in the middle of building a detached game room next to our little house to hold Chris's collection of video games, but also because Sweetheart is too small to safely navigate the steep stairs without help.

Sunshine's request sent me into problem-solving mode because I want to bless my kids when it's within my power to do so and also because I want them to look back on their experience growing up in a small house and not feel like they were cheated out of a normal childhood (whatever that means to them). Armed with the description Sunshine had given me about her dream bedroom (which not-to-surprisingly was basically a description of her cousins' bedroom), and knowing that my cousin and her family are currently packing up to move to their new home in a few weeks, I messaged my cousin and told her that if she decided to replace her oldest daughter's bed as she had been thinking about doing in the move, I wanted first dibs on buying the one she currently has. The one my four-year-old has been dreaming about.

The Ikea Kura loft bed.

My cousin quickly and happily said we could have it for free, so Sunshine and I have been perusing Pinterest and taking walks through IKEA to get ideas for what this little girls' bedroom should look like. (Note to self: Pinteresting with a preschooler can be detrimental to one's mental health. Just saying.) We have plans for painting and adding curtains and making room for some of their favorite toys. We're even working on a way to add a trundle so there's still room for me to sleep in there on the nights when Sweetheart isn't quite ready to make it through the whole night alone. It's been quite the adventure, and we've barely even started.

I'm hoping to document this transformation here at the Small Home Family blog, and in the meantime I've been continuing our KonMari journey, tackling as many of the komono categories that have homes in the bedroom as I can in preparation for our big overhaul. Stay tuned for updates on that process as well and continue to visit for details of our bedroom upgrade as we slowly make that happen. We are scheduled to pick up the bed on May 4th, and it will all take off from there.