Staying Busy

It was quiet here at the Small Home Family blog last week as we were out and about doing life together. Between Easter and spring break and ophthalmologist appointments and date days, we kept ourselves pretty busy.

At two and four, my girls are still too young to be officially in school, but their cousins were on spring break this week, and we took the opportunity to make use of our zoo membership. My cousin and I plus five girls between the ages of two and nine piled into their Suburban for the hour drive to our local zoo.

Can I just say that one of my favorite gifts is the zoo membership that my in laws give us for Christmas each year? So many other gifts are played with and quickly forgotten, but this type of gift lasts for the whole year and takes up no space in our house. We were able to bless my cousin and her kids with it, too, since it got us all in for free, and our kids had a blast together. Sweetheart especially is at an age where everything is so new and exciting, and watching her discover so many unique creatures that share our world is one of the best parts of zoo trips these days.

Then on Saturday, my in laws blessed us again by babysitting Sunshine and Sweetheart so we could go out to dinner and a movie and squeeze in a trip to IKEA sans kids as well. We're making some big changes here in our little house over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for Operation: Bedroom Upgrade!

I also have more posts coming your way in our Tiny House KonMari series, so check back on Wednesday for more on our progress there.