Tiny House KonMari: Pushing through the Emotions

As I keep plugging along with this whole KonMari thing, I find myself feeling such a range of emotions. After I had tackled clothes, I felt very overwhelmed, and that feeling tends to come and go. I also feel a lot of relief about not having so many things that I don't love anymore.

What really surprised me, though, was how angry I have been feeling about this whole thing at times. I took another load to the Goodwill last week, and after I dropped it off, I began to feel very upset, and it's been difficult to pinpoint exactly what is prompting these feelings of anger. I don't know if this frustration stems from the fact that I'm getting rid of stuff I want to keep (in which case I might need to refocus on what items spark joy) or if I'm mad that I don't have as much room to store things as I wish I did. This particular load of items to donate included three things that had been given to me, one of them handmade, and I think that's significant to my feelings. Am I mad that I don't like these gifts and getting rid of them makes me feel ungrateful? I think that's a big part of it. I feel like I'm rejecting the givers, and it makes me angry to feel like I'm wasting the money someone else spent or the time and effort they put in to find or make me something they thought I would like and enjoy.

Is there a solution to this? I don't know. Obviously I can't keep everything just because someone gave it to me or made it for me. Even if my house was bigger, this would be complete and unsustainable nonsense. I enjoy having the extra space that I had previously devoted to some of these rather large items, and if I could take those items back, I wouldn't want to do so.

I just don't like these feelings of guilt and anger. The truth is that the relationship we have with the things in our lives is a complicated one, and there's no way to go through a process like KonMari without feeling something. Sometimes it really is a joy-filled process, but other times I find myself feeling pretty down about the whole thing. Since I don't regret getting rid of this stuff, I know that these feelings are likely just part of the process. The only way out is through, and eventually, as I learn to rewire the way I think about my stuff, it should get easier. It just takes time.

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