I'm sure that living through any kind of home improvement project is difficult regardless of your house size, but going through it in a small house is a different kind of chaos, especially when you have little kids.

Sunshine and I went over to my grandpa's house to disassemble Sunshine's "new" bed on Monday. She helped me take off all the slats and keep track of the screws and bolts, and she even brought her own Allen wrench. A girl after my own heart.

We're currently storing the bed next door while we finish everything else up in preparation. I need to buy wood to lift the bed for the trundle we're adding as well as try to match the paint. Then I need to actually paint and build everything.

We are right in the middle of this bedroom overhaul, and the chaos is all-encompassing most days. I'm buying new bedding (because Sunshine is upgrading from a small bed to a twin) and paint and trying to figure out where to store everything during the transition. I need to take the wall heater down before I paint since we're upgrading the heater in the bedroom, but it's cold enough outside still that I'm hesitant to go without any heat in there right now. I need to figure out where to put the clothes while I paint, but there just isn't anywhere else, and I'm not sure where the girls are going to sleep for a couple of nights. We may just have to camp out in the living room for a night or two while the paint fumes dissipate and the new bed gets assembled.

Every surface in our home is holding something it seems, and the clutter is overwhelming. Taking on this project right in the middle of our KonMari purge was perhaps not the best timing since we have stuff sitting around from that process as well.

On top of all of that, we're still trying to help with my cousin and grandpa's big move, and I promised to help her paint their new house. I'm not sure when that will happen. My dad, who is going to help me build the trundle, has been assisting with the move all day every day for nearly a week now. Sweetheart has been a clingy mess lately since I've been gone so much, and when I am home, she just wants to sit and cuddle. Progress is slow here!

I just keep taking deep breaths and trying to take this whole project one step at a time or else I think I might go mad. (I don't know how anyone manages to build their tiny house from scratch! I am seriously impressed!) Once we have the bedroom finished, it should be such a good thing for our girls giving them more space of their own and some actual room to play without being underfoot. I wake up with all sort of plans for what I'm going to accomplish that day, and between kids and life and helping family move, very little seems to get done. Slow and steady progress is still progress, though. We'll get there!

In the meantime, if it's a little quiet here on the blog and the posts are a little slow to go up, please keep checking back! I'm planning to tackle the question of where everyone sleeps in our small home soon, and Chris has some more to share about how we make room for tabletop gaming in our space, and of course I'm hoping to share progress photos of our bedroom transformation as it happens. There is some exciting stuff happening here at the Small Home Family blog! Stay tuned!

Update: If you are looking for instructions for taking apart the IKEA KURA loft bed, we have posted a tutorial here.