The Bed

After we finished painting the first two walls, we went ahead and set up the loft bed to surprise Sunshine.

 The IKEA KURA bed is not the easiest bed to assemble in a room that's only 8x8 feet. There was a lot of "watch out!" and "be careful!" and "don't scratch the paint!" going on. Ha! We had to improvise a bit since we weren't sure we'd be able to flip the bed over like the instructions said to do. I almost got trapped in the bed when we were screwing on the slats. (True story.)

But we got it done with a lot of laughter and a fair bit of ingenuity.

That night when Grandma brought Sunshine home after watching her for hours while we got everything ready, our little girl was absolutely ecstatic. Her smile was huge, and she was practically shaking from the excitement about her new bed. She has struggled a little with the adjustment to sleeping where she can't reach for me at night, but I am hoping that with time, she will get used to the new arrangement. Overall she is thrilled and loves hanging out in "her" bedroom.

For the first time since we moved in, this bedroom doesn't feel too crowded. There's actually room to stand in front of the closet. There's space for the girls to play. It's been a very positive change, and I love the way it's working out. For now, we just put Sweetheart's mattress out at night and stack it on top of mine during the day. We still have a ways to go with finishing the trundle and painting and moving some of the toys into the room, but I am very pleased with the transformation so far.