Children's Wall Decor (or An Ode to IKEA)

I just wanted to share today what kind of things a family living in a small home might choose to hang above their children's beds because I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.

The other day I wrote about the IKEA KROKIG shelves that I spray painted pink. Each girl has one hanging in her space.

They also each have an IKEA BEKVAM spice rack, which makes a sweet little bookshelf when it's not busy holding spices. (Does anyone actually use this for spices? I only ever see it holding books!)

For night lights, we gave each girl an IKEA SMILA wall lamp. Sunshine already had a heart one, but she decided she wanted one of her cousins' hand-me-down flower lights instead. Sweetheart chose the heart for herself. Unfortunately, IKEA has recently switched up their children's lighting selection, and neither lamp is available for sale there anymore. They sell star and balloon and house and cloud wall lamps these days.

Sunshine also has a locking mirror cabinet (the IKEA GUNNERN) where she can store her special things. It gives her her very own vanity as well, which I imagine will become a bigger deal as she gets older. I left room to hang one for Sweetheart as well some day.

Have you noticed a theme yet? We do a lot of IKEA shopping. Something about the European housing and decorating style meshes well with our version of small home living. Maybe it's because European homes are usually smaller than American ones. In any case, we love IKEA. Even Sunshine was crying because she wanted to go to IKEA the other day, and felt a strange sort of motherly pride in that moment. Girl after my own heart!

Anyone other IKEA fans out there?