RVs on Display at the County Fair

We took our kids to the county fair on Friday. Everyone always enjoys seeing the animals, but Sunshine was definitely not impressed with the smell, and Sweetheart was more interested in the food this time.

My favorite part of the day was completely unexpected. A local RV dealer had a full lot of RVs to tour completely for free. They had everything from teardrop trailers to huge fifth wheel toy haulers there to peruse.

I may have been in tiny house heaven.

Chris and I especially liked one of the larger teardrop-type trailers (a Forest River r-pod RP-176T). Through the use of a clever slide out in addition to built in bunks and a dinette, the trailer sleeps six with a wetbath and a kitchen while still being lightweight and easy to tow.

Now we are not in the market for a camper any time soon. We joked that we can't even afford the tires right now, forget about the whole RV! (Both of our vehicles needed new tires this week. That was a drag.) But it's fun to dream sometimes.

That was the first trailer we looked at that day, and the very last one was quite impressive as well, but in a whole different way. It was a Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 340AMP toy hauler fifth wheel with a small loft, two slide outs, a bedroom and bathroom that looked just as big as what we have in our small home now, a faux fireplace, a huge 12 cubic foot refrigerator, a double-basin kitchen sink, and a garage that did triple duty as a dining room and a second bedroom with an electronic lift bed.

All this for the reduced price of $70k. (Definitely not in our budget.)

We were seriously impressed by this RV, though. We laughingly said that we should sell our current home and replace it with that trailer. (Not feasible at all for all sorts of reasons, but it was interesting to think about.)

As I was walking through it, I couldn't help thinking about how perfect it would be for a family on the road full time. Yes, it was huge, and I'm sure it's not the easiest or cheapest thing to tow. But it felt like a home. It really did.

We had so much fun wandering through all of the RVs and imagining what it would be like to live in one. I am a major homebody, but I enjoy reading about the adventures of the families out there who are making the tiny traveling lifestyle a reality. Being in some of these trailers made it that much easier to imagine what it must be like for all of you home-haulers on the road full time.

It was a great experience.