How to Add a Trundle to an IKEA KURA Bed: Prepping the Wood

This post is part of a tutorial on turning an IKEA KURA loft bed into a bunk bed over a trundle. For the other pages in this series, go to the Introduction and Disclaimer, the Parts ListPart 1 of AssemblyPart 2 of AssemblyCross Bracing, and Attaching the Beds.

Step One: Measure and Cut

Measure your wood and cut according to the lengths given on the parts list. Always remember to account for your saw blade width when cutting.

Step 2: Sand

Sand everything smooth. You do not need to sand the ends of the four 2x3s that will become the cross braces yet.

I started with a sanding block, and it took me forever. My brother, bless him, helped me out by sanding the last few pieces with a belt sander, and I wish I would have started that way. Sanding by hand works, but sanding with a powered sander would be a lot quicker and easier.

Step 3: Paint (Optional)

I used Rustoleum spray paint for this project, and it took quite a few coats. I believe I went through more than ten cans of paint before I was done, but I was also painting wood for another project at the same time. It took me three coats on the individual wood pieces, and then it ended up so scuffed and dirty during the building process that I painted the whole thing again after putting it all together. Doing it this way actually provided the added benefit of covering over most of the screw heads with the white paint, which leaves a more cohesive, finished look in the end.

(Do not paint the cross braces yet. You will want to paint those after you cut them much later during the project. Also, it is not necessary to paint the 1x4s for the bed slats unless you really want to do so.)

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How to Add a Trundle to an IKEA KURA Bed: