My Dishwasher is Broken

Within the last week our dishwasher stopped drying our dishes. In the grand scheme of things, this really is quite the first world problem, but it has been frustrating nonetheless.

I always feel a little lazy when I talk about our dishwasher. So many people in small spaces don't have one, and they seem to get by just fine that way, but I can't imagine life without ours.

Actually, I can. Four years ago the dishwasher that came with our house broke. We had a bit of an issue ordering a replacement, and we spent several weeks washing everything by hand.

Nothing has made me love my dishwasher more than those few weeks without one.

When our current dishwasher stopped drying the dishes, it was more of a frustration than a genuine problem. A towel and a few hours to air dry some items easily takes care of the wet dishes, and I don't think it would be more than a minor inconvenience if not for the fact that our kitchen is so small. Where in the world do I put the dishes to dry if a towel doesn't do the trick? I certainly can't just leave the dishwasher door open because everyone would be tripping over it all day long. This just doesn't seem like something we will be happy to deal with long term. I'm hoping my dad will be able to take a look at it soon.

This whole experience has really made me wonder more about the families that get by without a dishwasher. Clearly we've become so accustomed to not having to wash dishes by hand that doing so long term seems hard to fathom. I'm certainly not one to do things the hard way just for the sake of doing it that way. I also know that dishwashers use far less water than washing by hand, so that's another benefit of having one. But adding a dishwasher to our kitchen required us to sacrifice a huge section of storage in an already small space. I don't regret that decision even though I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have all that storage for kitchen items instead.

If you can't live without your dishwasher or you happily forgo having one, I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue!