The Dishwasher Saga Continues

After our dishwasher stopped drying our dishes, I did what I usually do and put on my handyman hat and got to work. A little research led me to try cleaning the float sensor, which was absolutely disgusting, I will admit. It seemed unlikely that the float sensor and the heated dry function were related, but multiple people with the same or similar dishwashers claimed that replacing or cleaning this part fixed their heated dry issue, so it was worth a try.

I ran a test load on the lightest wash setting just to see if anything had changed. Chris messaged me a couple of hours later to say that it seemed to be working again, and when I got back home that evening, I agreed that the one item inside looked dry as did the dishwasher itself.

However, that night I ran a full load on usual settings, and it didn't dry the dishes at all.

I was stumped. I figured that the one lonely dish I had washed earlier must have just air dried between the time the load finished and the time I got home later that day.

For the past few days I have just dealt with the wet dishes. Between towel drying them and letting them air dry, we have survived. (#firstworldproblem) I decided tonight to run a shorter wash cycle than I usually use so that it would finish before I went to bed. That way, I could just leave the door open overnight to let things dry while we were sleeping.

Much to my surprise, the dishes were already dry.

For reasons that I cannot fathom without more knowledge about how dishwashers work, our dishwasher's heated dry function seems to work on normal and light cycles but not on heavy washes.

It's like it has decided that the long wash cycle is just too much. It's giving up. It's...odd.

We'll have to give it a few more rounds with the normal wash cycle just to be sure that it's actually working. I still really want to know what's wrong with it, but in the meantime I'm thinking that we will be avoiding that heavy setting for a while.