Tiny House Wear and Tear after Ten Years

With the ten-year anniversary of our home purchase swiftly approaching, it's become clear that a few things around our house need...updating.

For the most part, we are still running on the original parts and appliances that came with our park model RV, but a few things have been replaced. We cracked the tank on our first toilet many years ago, and then one day it started leaking (um...eek!), and we swiftly replaced it altogether at that point. We also upgraded our bathroom mirror to a cabinet last January.

Four years ago, our original dishwasher had an issue that I can barely even remember now. I think maybe it was leaking a little bit around the door. Whatever was wrong with it, it would have been fairly easy to fix, but in all honestly, I really disliked that dishwasher. We decided to just replace it with something else that we actually liked. (And now that "new" dishwasher is acting up. Sigh.)

While our original propane heating system is all intact, we never use it. It's cheaper and easier to use electric heat where we live, so we have had a series of different heaters over the years. We started out with a panel heater in the bedroom (that we just replaced a few months ago with our new eheat Envi heater). We also had one of those cute fake-fireplace space heaters in the living room. It fit right in a perfectly-sized nook next to our entertainment center, and we used it until it died. Then we replaced it with another similar one. And then we had a baby and never used it again. For a while we had an oil radiator in the dining room where the baby couldn't reach it, and then a couple of years ago, we installed our Frigidaire window heat pump that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There are little things here and there that really show a lot of wear and tear, though, including the carpet. Between multiple cats and two kids, the flooring is an eye sore. I long for the day when we can replace it with something beautiful and durable, but that's pretty low on our list of priorities right now.

The blinds that came with our home are just cheap metal mini blinds that have seen much better days. Someday I want to replace them with either faux-wood blinds or actual shades, but since we have six large windows in our living room and four in our dining room and kitchen plus the two in the loft, replacing the blinds will be a pretty major undertaking. We did put a black out roller shade in the bedroom when I was pregnant with Sweetheart, so at least one window is taken care of so far.

The handrail for our stairs is loose and really needs to be replaced. We have a few ideas for how we want it to look (we're in love with that rustic industrial look that seems to be so popular right now), but we just haven't got around to doing anything about it yet.

A couple of years ago, one of our children actually broke the handle to our shower faucet, and we've never even bothered trying to replace it. If you hold it just right, you can still use it, so we just kind of make do and don't really think about it.

One item that has needed to be replaced for nearly as long as we've had the house is our kitchen faucet. Very soon after we moved into our home, the bolt that holds the handle on came loose, and we were never able to reseat it properly so it wouldn't come out again. At some point, we lost the bolt completely. For years, we've been warning visitors to only push and never pull on the faucet handle or else it will come off in your hands. Yeah, that's a pain, but until recently, it was something that we got used to and never really had an issue with ourselves. Lately, though, it pops off if you just look at it wrong. We've been shopping for replacement faucets, and I'm excited to say that this is one home improvement item that will be getting checked off soon!

Small homes tend to age quickly due to the amount of use every item gets, but I think we've done pretty well with the majority of our home over the past ten years. With a little TLC, it should last us another ten years and beyond.