Affordable Ideas for Big Sleep in Tiny Houses

This week's article comes to you courtesy of Jane Moore of As a traveler who loves spending time in tiny homes, Moore has a number of tips to share for tiny home owners who are looking to promote quality sleep in a small space on a budget. Whether you live in your own tiny home or rent it out to guests (or are looking for some great ideas for your future build or update!), we hope that these suggestions prove useful to you all. With two young children, we definitely know how important a decent night's sleep is!

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Affordable Ideas for Big Sleep in Tiny Houses

Cozy is good. Stuffy and crowded? Not so much. Tiny homeowners new to the lifestyle, or those expecting to invite guests to their small space, often struggle to create a quiet, restful sleep environment in their itty bitty abodes. Read on for some affordable ideas for getting you and your guests a good night’s sleep.

Space-saving memory foam mattresses

If you're setting up a sleeping area in a tiny home loft, you value every inch of headroom. Some luxury memory foam mattresses simply won't fit given their thickness or are nearly impossible to install due to their bulk and inflexibility. The Lucid Dream Collection 8-inch memory foam mattress offers all the comfort in nearly half the size of its bigger cousins. Rated as medium-firm, it's a fantastic all-around mattress and its ventilated design helps keep you or your guests cool. Even better? Lucid's recommended pricing is $159 for a twin and $329 for their California king. Not only is it great for your sleeping space but also your budget.

Save on air mattresses with Kohls Coupon Codes

Do you need to improvise for guests in your tiny home? Air mattresses have come a long way in recent years, with some models providing almost as much comfort as your own. And with sites like Kohls, you can find deals on a variety of models. Try the Serta Raised Airbed with its “Never Flat” continuous air pump. This air mattress has integrated coils and a soft, flocked top—no more bouncing and sliding like the "old-school" inflatable mattresses! It's a full 18" deep, so it's best used where you have more vertical space... but it comes in both full and queen sizes. Best of all, most versions are well under $200 at Kohl’s. On top of the great pricing, if you sign up for emails they give you a 15% discount, you can ship to the store for free, and you can add Kohls online offers to stretch your dollars even further.

Temperature-regulating, anti-allergen bedding

Lofts can get toasty year-around, and the National Sleep Foundation recommends bedding made from natural, moisture-wicking fibers to improve sleep comfort and quality. Columbia cooling sheets and pillowcases have the 300-thread-count "sweet spot" where breathability and softness intersect, without the price tag that comes with "luxury" linen brands. Dust mites and pollen trigger breathing problems, and when you can't always separate your sleep area from the rest of your living space, you've got to work harder to keep your bedding clean. Pick a hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, breathable mattress protector at a price point that won't make you gasp for air.

Sound(less) sleep

Some small houses have less insulation against outside noise and almost none indoors. White noise machines can drown out the sound of activity. The Pure Enrichment Wave Therapy sound machine is an affordable, compact, and effective gadget with timed shut-offs, multiple sound selections, and a USB port for charging personal devices. The Spruce named it its Best Overall Pick for sound therapy machines, and you'll find it a popular choice on other review sites.

Improved interior airflow

Your tiny home is likely built for energy efficiency, but sometimes that means it's sealed a little too tight for healthy, sleep-promoting airflow. Oscillating fans take up space and can be noisy, but sleek, lightweight tower fans such as the Vornado's tower series easily and quietly stash in a corner. A handy remote control lets you adjust settings and airflow direction without getting out of bed, and you can set it to turn off after three, six, nine, or 12 hours to save on energy costs. These towers are powerful enough to move air throughout the largest tiny homes—up to 75 linear feet with an 80-degree rotation—so they're perfect if your tiny home's built-in ventilation system can't keep up with extra occupants, summer heat, or closed windows in the wintertime. Best of all, Vornado offers free shipping when you spend $79 or more and models range from $29.99 to under $200, so you don’t need to spend a lot to freshen your home’s air.

"Sleep tight" really is a good thing!

No more counting sheep! You can be snug as a bug (sans dust mites!) in your tiny house with bedding and appliances that improve air quality, hush distracting noises, and give you maximum sleep support in the least amount of space. And best of all, you don’t need to go broke for you and your guests to enjoy a big sleep in your tiny home.