Apps & Services to Get Your Family Through a Long-Distance Move

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If you’re packing up your life and moving your family across the country to a new home, especially if it’s going to be a tiny home, you have your work cut out for you. It’s an exciting adventure to be sure, but it’s one with its fair share of stresses to look forward to after it’s all said and done. Brought to you by, here are some apps and services that will help get you and your family through the process.

Find your new space

Selling your current home and purchasing the next one are significant undertakings, but there are lots of helpful apps and online tools to help you along the way. But first things first: if you’re looking to move to a tiny home or looking for land to put one on, know the rules of the area where you’re moving. Next, there are websites like PADStyler that help you stage your current home, Security Nerd allows you to check how safe prospective neighborhoods are, and Redfin can help with things like crunching the numbers on your home sale. In fact, Redfin can help you price your home, find an agent, and even compare mortgages. Whenever you hit the next step in selling and buying a home, search out these valuable resources to guide you through the process.

Get organized

Moving is a major organizational task. You have to get everything you own packed and moved safely and securely from point A to point B. Things get more complicated when point A is a tiny home hundreds of miles from point B. First, donate, donate, donate. The more you can get rid of at the beginning of your move, the better off you’ll be. Then, you should try one of the many organizational apps to help you along. There are apps like Sortly, Moving Planner, and Packing Planner Pro that are specific to the task of moving. But other broader organizational apps like Google Keep and Evernote can help too. 

Find the best movers in your area

Unpakt is a great tool for searching the best moving options in your area. First, you enter your moving-from and moving-to locations and the size of your home. Next, Unpakt will generate a baseline list of your belongings based on the size you entered. You can edit this list to create a precise inventory. Next, you can compare prices for different movers and book them through Unpakt. 

Get some help with the dog

Dogs and moving don’t really mix. Whether you’re doing the moving yourself or you hire movers, dogs tend to get in the way. Not only that, but moving is very stressful on the dog too. It’s best to get them away from the fray. An app like Wag! lets you do just that. It matches you with people in your area willing to take on any level of dog care including a short 30-minute walk, a day-long daycare session, or even overnight boarding. 

Make sure the kids are entertained

Did you ever move as a kid? Did you ever move long-distance as a kid? Moving is no fun. It’s long and it’s boring. Kids these days have so many more options for entertainment on the road that it’s almost unfair. Of course, you have your classic games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, but why not make the moving day distractions a bit more productive? Try one of these top educational apps. If those fail, however, here’s a solid list of the best games for your kids.

Moving is stressful enough with help - it’s nearly impossible to bear without it. A big cross-country move is hard on a family, and you have enough on your plate to trouble yourself with the small stuff. Think about these apps and services that will help your family get through the long-distance move and you’ll make life much, much easier.