Three Steps to Creating a Stylish and Functional Office in Your Tiny Home

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Three Steps to Creating a Stylish and Functional Office in Your Tiny Home

The rising popularity of tiny homes is one example of the different lifestyle choices more people are making these days. Just like living in a tiny home gives you more freedom and reduces your carbon footprint, a greater number of people are also working from home for some of the same reasons. Whatever your reasons for working from home, one thing you need is a dedicated office space. If you’re wondering if you have enough room, these simple, affordable solutions will show you that anyone can make space for an office — even in the tiniest of homes.

Step 1: Pick a Location

We know space is already at a premium, but you probably have more options than you think when choosing a location. Many tiny homes have a spot under the stairs that tends to be underutilized. Or, if you have a zone that’s used primarily as your living space, consider whether you could carve out a nook next to your sofa or table.

If you’ve been in your tiny home for a while, it’s normal for clutter to start piling up, even if you have good storage solutions. Preparing to set up your home office is the perfect time to get rid of stuff you don’t need, especially if that stuff is standing in the way of creating your office space. 

When you’ve finished decluttering, the easiest way to get it all out of the house is to find a junk service that can take care of the trash and large items you don’t know what to do with. This is especially helpful if you need to get rid of any bulky furniture to carve out some space. MyMove notes there are also charities that will pick up your belongings and haul them away.

Step 2: Choose Your Work Space

The right type of workspace will be determined in part by the location you pick. For example, if you pick an unused spot under the stairs, a wall-mounted floating desk would be perfect. To get a little more inspiration for mounted desks, check out these small desk solutions featured by Apartment Therapy. We also love the idea of making your desk a multi-use spot. As long as you have storage for office necessities, something like a wall-mounted desk could be used as a breakfast nook or additional seating for dinner guests.

As an alternative to a wall-mounted desk, Refinery 29 highlights some unique desks for all types of spaces. For example, using a small corner desk is a great way to turn a space that may seem unusable into a functional office. Other options include a fold-out desk, a narrow standing desk, or a rolling laptop desk. Using a rolling laptop desk can be a great space saver because you can keep it in a corner and roll it out to use at your sofa, eliminating the need for additional seating.

Step 3: Find Solutions for Organization and Accessories

A good home office consists of more than just a desk. You also need a comfortable place to sit, as well as organization for files and accessories. This is another area where you can choose items that serve more than one purpose. HGTV features one tiny home with an office chair that looks like a chair you could relax on in your living room. 

If you’ve lived in a tiny home for any length of time, you already know that organization is essential. Paperwork can be one of the hardest things to keep organized too, which is why you want to set up a smart organization from the start. Be sure to make use of wall space for storage with wall-mounted shelves or something more unique like a pegboard or modular shelving.  

Another great way to reduce clutter in your office is to pick powerhouse accessories, such as a lamp that doubles as a wireless charger. And if you share space with other people, a set of earphones can help you with your focus. Think about little tools and gadgets that allow you to stay productive, yet take up a minimal amount of room.

When space is at a premium, you want every item that comes into your home to be both useful and beautiful. Using these ideas and your own style, there’s no reason why you can’t have a home office that meets both of those requirements. These solutions are inexpensive and unique, so they’re perfect for any space — no matter how big or tiny.


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